The Gift of Health

What is it?


Since we prepare fully cooked meals, we wanted to expand our offerings to help our friends in other ways. The Gift of Health was born! We realized that there are life events that a "gift of healthy meals" would be a great way for you to let your friend or family know you are thinking about them.



This includes:


  • The birth of a child

  • The passing of a loved one

  • Recovery from sickness or surgery

  • A special occasion like a graduation or promotion! 

  • Move in Meal Basket - Great gift idea for real estate agents to give to new clients on their first night in their new home. 


How does it work?


  • You can choose to send your gift via a gift certificate or you can order a meal for them.


  • Review our menu (link below) and choose which items you would like. Serving sizes of each food selection are indicated.


  • Contact us with details of your gift. We can provide a group of meals or just one a la carte item. We are glad to make suggestions.  We will handle the shopping, cooking, and delivery of the food on the day you specify.



  • The Gift of Health will be delivered in our cooler bag to their doorstep. 






As always...we source the freshest vegetables, meats and other ingredients. We use many organic, gluten-free ingredients in our dishes.  We can work with many allergies or food sensitivities so let us know. 







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