Meal Plan Pricing


We have several healthy meal options available for your convenience. If you have any questions, please ask! 


Meal plan #1 


3 Family Style Entrees- 4-6 servings per entree

5 Family Style Side Dishes- 4-6 servings per side

Popular with families with 2 or more children and

couples who like to take a healthy lunch to work during the week!


Cost is $190 or $10.55 per meal 

(plus sales tax)


Meal plan #2 


3 Family Style Entrees- 4-6 servings per entree

3 Family Style Side Dishes- 4-6 servings per side

This our most popular option. Plenty of options for the whole family. 


Cost is $150 or $12.50 per meal 

(plus sales tax)


Meal plan #3


2 Family Style Entrees- 4-6 servings per entree

2 Family Style Side Dishes- 4-6 servings per side

Popular with singles and couples or people who want

healthy lunches for the week.


Cost is $110 or $13.75 per meal 

(plus sales tax)

We can do half portions of any of the items listed on chef's choice and options if you don't need as much food for the week.  


There is a $50 minimum for all orders. 


Our current delivery area is as follows:


Peachtree City 





Midtown/Buckhead / Kirkwood /Decatur / Mabelton  - Sunday Delivery only

If you live in an area not listed above, you can still order and pick up from our kitchen in Peachtree City! 


How does it work?...


Eating healthy is easy. Below are the steps for ordering healthy food each week. 


1. Sign up to be added to our weekly email.   


2. Email or call us at: / 678-300-9408 and let us know you are interested in our meal plan. We will respond back and answer any questions you may have about the food, process, or any food allergies. We will also outline the delivery day, delivery location, and payment details. 


3. Every Sunday evening, we send out the menu for the week called Chef's Choice. You can choose from this menu for your meal selections. You have until Wednesday night at 11:30 pm of that week to decide on your order. We will send out reminders during the week.


4. Email us back before 11:30 pm on Wednesday with your meal plan selection. We will confirm back that we have your order. 


5. Our current delivery days are Sunday and MondayWe deliver Atlanta only on Sunday evening to avoid traffic on Monday's. We deliver on Sunday between 6:30 -8:00 pm. Our deliveries on Monday are between 5:00 - 6:15 pm. You can also pick up your food at our location in Peachtree City. 


6. We will prepare food, package and deliver to your doorstep in insulated bags. If you are not home, these bags will keep food cool for a few hours until you get home. Some client ask us to deliver the food to a garage refrigerator which we are happy to do! We will always let you know ahead of time a time window on that day that we will be making deliveries. 


7. Billing is done to your credit card after food is delivered. 


8. Heat your healthy food and enjoy!  Gather the family and play a board game or watch a movie with all of your new free time


9. Questions? Call or text Doug at 678-300-9408 or email us at


"Home Cooked Food Should Take Time...Just Not Yours!"






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