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The reality....


Kale to the Chef (formerly Sculpted Nutrition) was started to promote and support a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is the kind of food you put in your body. Most people want to eat healthy, but coming up with a plan and preparing the food can be a challenge. I have raised 5 children, so I understand how busy life can schedules, kids in sports, family in name a few. Kale to the Chef has a custom meal plan that is proven to eliminate the stress of preparing meals and eating healthy. 


Just because you're busy doesn't mean you can't be healthy!


The solution...


Kale to the Chef developed a nutritious meal plan that will help you and your family feel more energized, perform better in your workouts and other daily activities and even help you live longer and better. Our meals are fresh and always delicious!


  • We handle the shopping, cooking and deliver healthy home-cooked meals to you as often as you need them. Once a week, twice a choose!


  • Each food item ordered is delivered in labeled containers that fit perfectly in your refrigerator.  All meals are fully cooked and ready to be heated and enjoyed. 


  • We offer kid-friendly items that even that picker eater will love! 


  • There is no subscription or monthly commitment required. 


  • We offer "a la carte" food items... great for a travel week or when you have guests in town. We charged by the dish and outline these a-la-carte items in our menu section of the website. 


  • Food is delivered in late afternoon / early evening on one of three days -Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.


We source the freshest vegetables, meats and other ingredients. We use many organic, gluten-free ingredients in our dishes.  We can work with many allergies or food sensitivities, but please let us know before you order.  



How much do the meals cost?

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"Home Cooked Food Should Take Time...Just Not Yours!"



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